I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentine, I´m ilustrator, titiritera and oral narrator, my studies were developed mainly in painting, and engraving area, then I studied in Bellas Artes school, and that allowed me to deepen in painting and mainly in sculpture.
My approach to literature was natural, the sculpture nevertheless helped me to approach to the world of the puppets and stories.
I began studying narration in the travelling school of Fernando Cardenas (Colombia).
Then all these narrations took form in my mind, and I began to illustrate. My designs were published in books, cd covrs, logos, etc., for different authors and companies.
Nowadays I study Edition in Buenos Aires University and I work as one of the narratos of “Voces que cuentan” from the reading and oral narration plan of Buenos Aires goverment, in different schools in Capital federal.
I´m taking ahead personal projects as books, albums, like “Jacinto Buona Note”, “El Bichito de luz que quiso dar la vuelta al mundo en bote” and “Arena” y “Gaviotas en otoño”.
Day by day I keep on working with different contemporary authors, collegues and friends from which I continue learning every day.